Our District
We Believe
  • A safe and orderly learning environment is necessary for learning.
  • Each individual has worth, and provided the opportunity and support, he/she can succeed.
  • The community and school district must work in partnership to improve the quality of education.
  • The family has a major impact on the learning process.
  • Open communication between parents, community members, students, staff members, and administrators is essential to an effective educational program.
  • Learning is a lifelong process.
  • School must provide a friendly and caring environment, which encourages responsibility for self and respect for others.
  • Students need a solid foundation in basic learning skills.
  • Students must become proficient problem-solvers and decision-makers.
  • The workplace requires that students be able to work both individually and cooperatively.
  • Curriculum and instruction must address the special needs and learning styles of its students.
  • Students must be prepared to live and compete in a multi-cultural global society.
  • Students must be equipped to live in a rapidly changing technological society.
  • Self-motivation needs to be encouraged and leadership qualities developed.

The Conemaugh Township Area School District is the proud home of over 980 students and 150 staff members who call themselves “Indians.” Our district has been serving the families of Somerset County for 75 years!

The tradition of excellence we are building upon began in 1833, when the first log schoolhouse was built in Maple Swamp near the village of Davidsville, in Conemaugh Township. Conemaugh Township, named for the Indian word meaning “Otter Creek,” encompassed the boroughs of Benson, Hollsopple, Bens Creek, Kring, Mishler, Border, Davidsville, Thomas Mill, Foustwell, and Jerome. As the Township grew, twelve small schoolhouses were built to serve the students of our area until 8th grade. It wasn’t until the mid-1900s that a consolidated school was built.

Since that time, CTASD has developed into a district known for its academic achievement, fine arts endeavors, and athletic prowess. The strong work ethic of our students and unparalleled support of our community has propelled our district into one of the top performing of the nation. We are very proud of our achievements but know that they only provide validation for us to continue advancing in excellence! We look forward to the next 75 years at Conemaugh Township and invite you to be a part of it!

Our Philosophy

We are committed to providing an educational system that reflects the value and character of our community. We believe it is our responsibility to offer equal educational opportunities to the students of our district that will align with their interests, abilities, and needs while wisely utilizing the resources our community entrusts to us.

We know a democratic society is founded on the worth of each individual and the value of his/her unique contribution to that society. That is why we define our purpose as "facilitating the development of each student’s fullest potential." Education is simply the guidance a student receives through the learning process, so that he/she becomes personally effective in a dynamic society.

District Profile

The Conemaugh Township Area School District and community are committed to a student-focused environment that promotes responsibility, encourages respect for self and others, and develops lifelong learning skills, while providing opportunities for students to recognize and achieve their potential.

Welcome Our New Chief

Superintendent Kakabar

We are pleased to welcome Mr. Thomas “T. J.” Kakabar as the district’s new superintendent. Mr. Kakabar, a native of Salix, comes to us from the Penns Manor School District where he was superintendent from 2006 until accepting the position with Conemaugh Township.

Mr. Kakabar is a 1987 IUP graduate. He received his master’s degree in supervision and administration from Frostburg State. In 2006 he earned his superintendent’s certification from Shippensburg University.

He began his career as a social studies teacher at Forest Hills. From there he moved to Portage, serving as athletics director, assistant principal, and later, high school principal.

T. J. has been married to his wife Jean for over 25 years. Together, they have two daughters, Allison and Sara, that are both attending Pitt.

He serves on the district 6 athletics committee. In his spare time he enjoys family time, cooking, and golfing.