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For the past 75 years, we have been educating students who’ve used the skills they learned at CTASD to succeed in life. We are very proud of our graduates and want to extend an invitation to them to reconnect with former classmates, network with current and retired professionals, and influence the next generation coming out of Conemaugh.

Each month we will showcase the successes of our alumni by highlighting a different graduate or graduating class. While success looks different in different situations, we want to create an opportunity to acknowledge the thread that ties them all together.

Alumni Highlight

Andrea Cable, a Conemaugh Township Area Middle School/High School graduate, graduated in 2015.  After graduating, she decided to move to Harrisonburg, Virginia, and attend Eastern Mennonite University.

Andrea’s favorite teachers in high school were Mr. Andolina and Mrs. Gardenhour. Andrea said Mr. Andolina was her favorite because of how entertaining he was to her and her friends while they were on the yearbook staff.

Cable stated, “Mr. Andolina always told such interesting stories to me and my friends. To this day we are not sure if they are actually true or not.” Andrea also stated Mrs. Gardenhour was her favorite teacher because of the close relationship they shared through music-related activities she had been involved in. Andrea said, “Mrs. G was never afraid to tell you like it was and be honest with you. That is a trait I truly admire in her.”

Andrea’s fondest memory while she attended Conemaugh Township was homecoming week of 2014-2015. Andrea was the winner that year and became homecoming queen. She was also prom queen later in the school year.

Andrea currently lives in Harrisonburg, Virginia, during the fall and winter and in Johnstown during the summer. Andrea had started a photography business during high school and still continues to run it. She now photographs people and events throughout the Conemaugh Township Area as well as others. She has taken many senior portraits for people in and outside of the Conemaugh Township Area, as well as events, including weddings.

Andrea currently dual-majors in business administration and photography.

Andrea Cable focuses her camera at a photo shoot for a client.

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