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For the past 75 years, we have been educating students who’ve used the skills they learned at CTASD to succeed in life. We are very proud of our graduates and want to extend an invitation to them to reconnect with former classmates, network with current and retired professionals, and influence the next generation coming out of Conemaugh.

Each month we will showcase the successes of our alumni by highlighting a different graduate or graduating class. While success looks different in different situations, we want to create an opportunity to acknowledge the thread that ties them all together.

Alumni Highlight

Angie Berzonski, formally Angie Saylor, is a 1992 graduate.

Angie BerzonskiAfter graduating, Angie went on to Clarion University where she majored in communications. She then married her best friend, Patrick Berzonski.

Angie has held several jobs in the media field, including being an on-air reporter for WJAC and editor of Johnstown Magazine. Currently, she is the program/communications officer for the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies where she oversees marketing, serves as a resource to local nonprofit organizations seeking funding, and works on a number of initiatives to improve the local community.

While at CTHS, Angie enjoyed her teachers, especially her English teachers. She credits Jan Bowman for her love of words and her decision to make a career in the field of communications. Also, she feels Marya Pepoy made her stronger, not just physically but mentally too, by always setting the bar high and providing endless encouragement. She was also appreciative of her teachers’ devotion to her.

When asked about her teachers, Angie stated, “I’d just like to thank all of my teachers for their patience, persistence, and creativity over the years. Many of my life lessons were taught to me by my parents and reinforced by terrific teachers at CT. These are the same messages that I now promote every day in our community: get involved, work hard, and don’t settle.”

Angie enjoyed the extracurricular activities offered at the high school, specifically, the girls varsity soccer team.

Angie resides in Davidsville with her husband and two children, Erin and Shaun.

Angie Berzonski

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