Bus Routes

Here is a listing of our current bus routes. If you need to make permanent changes to your child’s drop-off or pick-up location, please consult these routes and file a Change Request.

Bus Rules

Riding the school bus is a privilege. Students should behave on the bus and at the bus stop in such a way as to promote the respect and safety of others. At CTASD we expect students to:

Remain on the sidewalk

Be safe

  • wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before getting on/off 
  • do not push
  • remain seated at all times
  • face the front
  • keep arms/head inside the bus

Be courteous

  • do not shout
  • open windows only with permission
  • keep the bus clean

Be cooperative

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Our Transportation Department is responsible for the safe and efficient transport of students and district employees. Each of our bus drivers holds state certification and a Commercial Driver’s License. They are trained to follow all state regulations regarding school bus operations, well-organized transportation, and traffic laws. You can rest assured that your child’s safety is our top priority!

Please take some time to review the bus rules and routes as provided at the side of this page, and if you have additional questions, give us a call. We’re glad to be of service.

Bus School Transportation

Conemaugh Township provides bus service to and from area schools for all elementary students (including kindergarten) who live more than 1 ½ miles from school. We also transport students who live in areas of heavy traffic and/or dangerous road conditions where walking would be unsafe.

CT provides bus service to and from area schools for all secondary students who live more than 2 miles from school. We also transport those students who live in areas that would prove dangerous for pedestrians.

It is our policy to not enter private property, thus all school buses or vans will pick-up and drop-off children using only public highways and publicly maintained roads. For everyone’s safety and peace of mind, we recommend that parents/guardians of elementary-aged children wait with their children at the bus stop and meet them there in the afternoon.

High school students who wish to use transportation other than school buses should:

  • Remember that this too is a privilege
  • Register their vehicle in the HS office
  • Park only in designated areas
  • Obey all state/local traffic laws (including licensure)
  • Not return to their vehicles during the regular school day without permission

For more information regarding our transportation policy, please refer to the side of this page. We invite you to call us with any questions.

Transportation Staff

The district transportation office is located within the central administrative office at the high school. If you have any questions about bus routes or other transportation issues, please contact Regina Rembold, Director of Transportation