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For the past 75 years, we have been educating students who’ve used the skills they learned at CTASD to succeed in life. We are proud of our graduates and want to extend an invitation to them to reconnect with former classmates, network with current and retired professionals, and influence the next generation coming out of Conemaugh.

Each month we will showcase the successes of our alumni by highlighting a different graduate or graduating class. While success looks different in different situations, we want to create an opportunity to acknowledge the thread that ties them all together.

Alumni Highlight

Ashlee KnappAshlee Knapp was a member of the Conemaugh Township Area Middle School/High School graduating class of 2005. Her post-high school life began with her enrollment into the University of Pittsburgh in Oakland. She graduated from the Swanson School of Engineering with her bachelors of science degree in industrial engineering.

She interned with Concurrent Technologies Corporation for four years.  At Concurrent Technologies Corporation, Knapp worked on a variety of military conflicts ranging from military installation risk assessments. She processed improvement in hospitals all over the United States from Boston, Massachusetts to San Antonio, Texas. This position allowed her to acquire the necessary experience for her second job. During this time Ashlee says she, “developed a keen interest in international friends and experiences.”

As of January 2016, Knapp joined the CANA Advisors, a virtual government contracting non-profit company. Her life currently consists of balancing work, life, and international traveling.

Following her passions, currently Knapp is living and working abroad in Lisbon, Portugal. Her residency will change in the next three months as she travels to Valencia, Spain.

Ashlee Knapp on a military planeShe cites Mrs. Haddle and Mrs. Artman as her favorites, for reasons that went beyond the lessons taught in the chemistry and American government classrooms respectively. She recalls, “Both teachers had high expectations for me because they knew that I could reach them.”

Ashlee loved group activities throughout high school and recalls that her fondest high-school was the last show of Les Miserables. For Knapp and many of her cast members, this was their sixth musical. As she listened to the director talk of their journey, she looked around at the younger students whom she mentored, the students she left her mark upon.

“It was bittersweet in that something so amazing was ending, but new changes were beginning. When the time came for our last song of the show to ring through the auditorium, we sang with heavy hearts and conviction,” she reminisced. 

Alumni of the Month Nominations

Conemaugh Township Area School District celebrates a proud tradition of excellence as we strive to create leaders of tomorrow. If you would like to nominate an alumnus who continues to promote this tradition that began at Conemaugh Township Area Schools many years ago and who continues to serve as an outstanding citizen, leader, athlete, musician, teacher, or mentor, please complete our nomination form below.