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CTASD Alumni

For the past 75 years, we have been educating students who’ve used the skills they learned at CTASD to succeed in life. We are proud of our graduates and want to extend an invitation to them to reconnect with former classmates, network with current and retired professionals, and influence the next generation coming out of Conemaugh.

Each month we will showcase the successes of our alumni by highlighting a different graduate or graduating class. While success looks different in different situations, we want to create an opportunity to acknowledge the thread that ties them all together.

Alumni Highlight

Alumni of the Month, Bobby Bridges with his family

Bobby Bridges graduated from Conemaugh Township Area School District in 2008. After graduating from high school, Bridges earned a degree in geography and outdoor recreation leadership at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania. After completing college, he went on to become a white water rafting guide, as well as the manager at Coal Tubin.’ A few years later, he decided to change his life career by starting his own photography and video production company called BridgePerspective, LLC. 

Bobby Bridges enjoyed all of teachers throughout the years, but Mrs. Pepoy was one of his favorite teachers. Mrs. Pepoy was the weightlifting coach and athletics trainer. Bridges said, “As an athlete, we spent a lot of time with her both in and outside of the classroom. She was always there to help us with school work and real-life advice.” While at Conemaugh Township, Bridges was part of the high school football team where he had some of his fondest memories. He loved winning big games and showing his school spirit. 

In 2012, Bobby was introduced to his wife, Serena, through a close friend and Township alumni, Libby Custer. Bobby and Serena Bridges lived in Richland for a few years, but when they had their son in 2021, they made the decision to move back to Township. Bobby stated, “The sense of community the school brings is uncommon in other communities, and we are excited for our son to attend Conemaugh Township in the future.” They also became very involved with Conemaugh Township video production program, serving as mentors to these new to the field. They are also now members of St. David's church and enjoy spending their free time attending sports games, going to museums, and enjoying nature. 

Alumni of the Month Nominations

Conemaugh Township Area School District celebrates a proud tradition of excellence as we strive to create leaders of tomorrow. If you would like to nominate an alumnus who continues to promote this tradition that began at Conemaugh Township Area Schools many years ago and who continues to serve as an outstanding citizen, leader, athlete, musician, teacher, or mentor, please complete our nomination form below.