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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions. If you still need more information after reading the answers below, please take some time to review our student handbooks, or district policy manual (found in the Quick Links). As always, you are welcome to give us a call with any additional questions you may have.

What is the dress code for Conemaugh Township Area School District schools?

We expect our students to dress in a way that shows respect for themselves, for others, and for their school. Students may not wear any clothing that distracts from the learning experience. Specifically, we do not allow:

  • Shirts that expose the midriff
  • Shorts or skirts that do not pass the “fingertip-length” test
  • Clothing that promotes drug- or gang-related activity
  • Spikes, chains, or similar jewelry that may excessively damage school property
  • Spandex outerwear

We reserve the right to determine whether a student’s clothing is appropriate for school. For more details regarding our dress code, please review the appropriate student handbook.

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What will happen if my child becomes ill while at school?

If a student becomes ill, we will attempt to notify a parent or guardian promptly, and we will care for the student in our nurse’s station until a parent or guardian arrives. Students may not leave school grounds without a parent or other approved adult (as listed in the student’s emergency information). Please keep all contact number current for this reason. If the situation is a medical emergency, we will follow standard emergency procedures.

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Do you have an open campus policy for lunch?

At this time, we do not open our campus during meal times. To ensure everyone’s safety, students should remain on campus during the entirety of the school day unless excused for extracurricular activities in the care of a district employee or with a parent. All visitors must report to the school office when entering or exiting the building.

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We live out of district; may my children still attend Conemaugh?

Yes! As long as we have the resources to accommodate additional students, out of district families may attend school at CTASD on a tuition basis. For more information about our registration process, please visit our Registration page.

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If my child attends Cyber Academy or is home schooled, can he still participate in sports at Conemaugh?

Yes! We encourage all students in our district to participate in extra-curricular activities, including sports. For more information please see our Programs page.

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