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Human Resources

Are you a current employee looking for benefits information or a prospective employee hoping to work for Conemaugh Township Area School District? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Chances are you’ll find the information you’re looking for below; but if you have additional questions, please give us a call!

Employment Information

At Conemaugh Township we hire enthusiastic people who are dedicated to the education of our students and their own professional development. We believe the best teachers never quit learning! Our schools seek highly qualified staff to meet the needs of a diverse student population and give precedence to those who are willing to work collaboratively with other employees utilizing community support and resources.

We post vacancies on this page as they become available along with the necessary qualifications and applications. If you are interested in applying, please fill out the appropriate form, and return it to our district office with a current resume. Once our office has received your completed profile (including a current background check), we will be happy to contact you, at our discretion, for an interview.

Employee Benefits

Welcome to CTASD! We are glad you’ve joined our team. On this page you’ll find information regarding your contracted benefits and salary package. For information about reimbursements or to file a claim, please see the Business Services Department. If you need any help let us know!

Health Insurance
We offer group health insurance coverage to all our full-time employees. If you are already covered (for example under a spouse’s plan) and would like to opt-out, please file the appropriate form by July 31 of your current contract year. Opting out of insurance may or may not affect your contracted salary.

Vision and Dental Insurance
CTASD provides employees with optional vision and dental insurance plans. If you would like to participate, notify our office as soon as possible.

Life Insurance
We also offer optional group life insurance policies. Any policy in excess of $50,000 may be subject to additional taxation. Please communicate with the Business Services office for more information.

Retirement Contributions
As a non-profit, educational agency, Conemaugh Township SD may offer employees the opportunity to contribute to a 403b retirement account. These accounts are used as supplements to teacher pension plans and are funded entirely through employee contributions. All contributions are pre-tax, which means they will lower your current tax bill.

Fringe Benefits
Some positions within our district utilize equipment or necessitate travel expenses that may be taxable under law. If you use:

  • district provided cell phone/coverage,
  • meal reimbursement for local travel,
  • district paid professional development/workshops/conferences, and/or
  • some expense reimbursements,

you may be subject to additional taxation, unless the benefit is provided as a convenience for the district or the monetary amount of the benefit is “de minimis.” For more information, contact the Business office.

Human Resources Contacts

Current Employees
If you are a current employee of the district and have questions regarding your benefits package or withholdings, please contact the Business office. If you would like to make a workshop or conference request, contact your building principal.

Prospective Employees
For questions regarding open positions, internships, or application packages, our district secretary will be happy to assist you.

Renee Mostoller
Assistant Business Manager/Payroll & Benefits Coordinator
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Lisa Stevens
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
P: (814) 479-7575
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